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Verdant (Kickstarter Edition)

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Published by Flatout Games + AEG

1-5 Players | 30-45 Min | Age 10+

VERDANT is a puzzly spatial board game where you take on the role of a houseplant enthusiast trying to create the coziest interior space by collecting and arranging houseplants and other objects within your home. You must position your plants so that they are provided the most suitable light conditions and take care of them to create the most verdant collection.

Each turn, you will select an adjacent pair of a card and token, and use those items to build an ever-expanding tableau of cards - your home. You will need to keep various objectives in mind as you attempt to increase plant verdancy by making spatial matches and using item tokens to take various nurture actions. You will also build your ‘green thumb’ skills allowing you to take additional actions to take care of your plants and create the coziest space!


- (1) Rulebook
- (124) Unique Cards
- (90) Item Tokens
- (36) Green Thumb Tokens
- (60) Deluxe Wooden Verdancy Tokesn
- (36) Plant Pot Tokens
- (1) Scorepad
- (1) Cloth Bag

- (16) Kickstarter Promo Cards!


"Verdant is absolutely phenomenal! This is just an amazing product - it is no surprise at all that Jen and I are absolutely head-over-heels in love with this game!" - Rhado, Rhado Runs Through

"There is a wonderful tactile element to the game. Drawing tokens out of a nag, adding wooden leaves to your plants, repotting fulfilled cards, and of course getting to examine all of the beautiful art. Verdant provides an immersive experience that I can see many players falling in love with!" - Kelsey and Adam, The Tabletop Family

"I think plant fans will like this game for much the same reason that bird fans enjoy Wingspan: the sheer volume of identifiable options will delight them, and it makes for good conversation when you play." - Eric Yurko, What's Eric Playing?

"This is a puzzle with lots of levers to pull and I love how these come together to give you constantly interesting choices during the game, but also inspire you to think of other avenues you want to explore the next time you play." - Fiona, The Game Shelf

"Flatout Games' clever tile-laying titles like Calico and Cascadia have redefined the genre, and Verdant is the latest and greatest to join the line. It may be their best one yet!" -Ruel Gaviola, Tabletop Tonight

"It brings lots of feelings of joy! I think the art in this game is my favorite that I have seen in any game. It is absolutely beautiful and it draws you into the game." - Ilya and Tylor, Kovray Studios

"Flatout Games does it again! Do you want strategy? Do you want beautiful art? Do you want a puzzly brain burn? Well, look no further!" - Starla and Mik, Our Family Plays Games

"The solo mode is really fun! I liked the conveyor belt method and how it adds interesting 'now or later' and 'think fourth dimensionally' decisions to the game." - Brian Chandler, Colorblind Games

"People who enjoyed Flatout's previous titles will feel right at home here - providing a puzzle that feels familiar, yet drastically different to challenge you in new ways!" - Theo, Geeky Gaymer Guy

"A beautiful 13-turn card drafting spatial puzzle with clever ways to mitigate randomness. True to Flatout Games' philosophy, Verdant is an accessible yet crunchy invitation to chase that elusive perfect tableau!" - Carlo and Dylann, All You Can Board

"Verdant is yet another game from Flatout Games that does an excellent job giving you a puzzle to solve and limited time to solve it. With more scoring objectives, beautiful art by Beth Sobel, if you enjoyed Calico or Cascadia, you should absolutely be checking out Verdant." - Alex Radcliffe, Board Game Co

"I got to play Verdant several times with a few different groups while I had the prototype, and I really enjoyed it. My youngest daughter (age 8) was able to learn the rules pretty easily." - Jonathan Liu, GeekDad

"This is very relaxing, beautiful, and calm - but when you get into it, it's so thinky and so awesome! We really love it!" - Judie and Michael, The Nerd Shelves