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Beth Sobel - River and Stone Playing Cards

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This is the River and Stone playing card deck illustrated by Beth Sobel. Inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with a touch of added magic, the River and Stone deck is a fully illustrated, luxury playing card deck for anyone who loves nature, playing cards, or both. 

River and Stone has been a labor of love spanning four years. She finished cards here and there between board game illustration projects, and finally, piece by piece, she finished a whole deck. 

Each suit represents a different terrain of the Pacific Northwest and an animal that resides within that terrain:

  • Spades: Sky, Raven
  • Diamonds: Forest, Fox
  • Clubs: Mountains, Pika
  • Hearts: Ocean, Jellyfish

The court cards of each suit differ from standard courts; rather than a Jack, Queen, and King, she chose to portray one person for each suit throughout different phases of their life.


52 Fully Illustrated Cards
2 Custom Jokers
1 Double Backed Card
1 Ad Card